1. Select style of display. Auto-resize will create gallery in Pinterest style, automatically setting images' height based on selected width. Crop to square will create square thumbnails based on selected width

2. Type in images' directory from which You want to create gallery 

3. Select width of images displayed in thumbnails (in px). Leaving this field blank will create thumbnails with default 200px width

4. PRO only: Select how many images You want to display as thumbnails (all images from selected directory will still be loaded in gallery but not as thumbnails)

5. PRO only: Custom name for "Load more" button in Pinterest-like display


6. PRO only: Enable/disable mobile display. Setting this to "breakpoint" will enable 1 photo preview from set screen width down. "Always" will change gallery to always work as 1 photo preview. Disabling this feature will instead enable regular mobile style.

6.1.  PRO only: Set window width (in px) for changing display to mobile. Devices with screens up to that width will only see 1 thumbnail (all photos will still be loaded in gallery)

6.2.  PRO only: Set width for photos in mobile display (% of module's container)

6.3. PRO only: Custom name for "Show more" button in mobile display


7.  PRO only: Enable/disable watermark feature.

7.1. PRO only: Type in Your watermark directory, along with the name of file and extension (jpg,png,jpeg etc.)

7.2. PRO only: Select opacity of embedded watermark