BrB Before-After allows You to compare two photos in a slightly different form. Using this module it's possible to show the changes in places, objects, people in a new, striking way. The mobile slider allows You to reveal one image while covering the other.



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Comparition of 2 photos    
Setting own photo labels    
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Setting slider starting position    
Vertical slider     
Additional gallery     
Description block     
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Comparison of two photos


The module allows to display the photo in such a way that after adjusting the slider, both photos are displayed proportionally.

This allows an interesting comparition of the photo.

The option to set the initial position of the slider allows the user to determine what areas of the images will be show initially.

Additional gallery


It is possible to add an additional gallery using this module! You want to compare two photos, and additionally present a series of changes that led to the final effect?

If so, our module is just for You!

Mobile friendly


Our gallery is fully responsive, adapts automatically to the page width.

Implemented code allows for seamless, full touch control.

Description and advanced formatting


Our module has an editor, in which you can easily describe Your gallery.

It is possible to introduce advanced formatting from the Joomla! level.s

Intuitive configuration, fast support


Joomla users will certainly appreciate the easy-to-use and intuitive module management panel.

We are also happy to help and can guarantee that the BrB Before-After project will be constantly developed.