One of the best gallery modules for CMS Joomla!. Fully responsive, with touch control support on mobile devices. An additional advantage is the "Watermark" mode that allows You to secure all images in a gallery by adding Your own logo.


Version comparition
Feature Free Pro
Pinterest-like display style    
"Load more" in Pinterest style    
Limit the number of thumbnails shown     
BrbCode signature-free     
Embedding Your watermark to photos     
Share/Download buttons     



Mobile friendly

Our gallery is fully responsive, adapts automatically to the page width.

Implemented code allows for seamless, full touch control.

In PRO version, when working on mobile device, it's able to switch to light, mobile-optimised mode which limits shown thumbnails.

Pinterest style

One of the display modes is style based on most popular style used by the website "Pinterest".

It allows to spice up the look of Your website, selecting the order of displayed thumbnails in an "intelligent" manner, so that they form an attractive form in its entirety.



Embedding Watermark

One of the most appreciated feature is the ability to secure Your photos by embedding Your logo to them.

Users downloading Your photos are downloading them with embedded watermark, which limits their reuse (theft) in a significant way.

Thanks to this feature You are saving time required to manually add Your watermark to each photo in graphic program.

Social media

Brb Gallery for Joomla is fully integrated with social media, making it easy for users to share and promote Your photos through their own social media: Faceebook, Tweeter, Pinterest.

There is also a "quick download" button.

Intuitive configuration, fast support

Joomla users will certainly appreciate the easy-to-use and intuitive module management panel.

We are also happy to help and can guarantee that the Brb Gallery project will be constantly developed.